Tylaska Snap Shackle

SKU A (IN) B (IN) C (IN) D (IN) E (IN) WLL (LB) Breaking Strength Recommended Boat Lengths Price Qty Subtotal
SHSNT30 1-1/4 1.1250 1.8438 1.9063 7.1875 15000 30000 60-80
SHSNT40 1-3/4 1.6875 2.8750 2.8750 10.7500 20000 40000 100+Maxi Boat
SHSNT50 2 1.8750 3.2500 3.2500 12.0000 25000 50000 100+Maxi Boat

17-4 PH stainless steel

Product Description

"The Tylaska large bail swivel snap shackles are meticulously desinged and made from type 17-4 PH stainless steel. Tylaska’s patented curvature of the release mechanism allows the shackle to easily open, even under tremendous loads. These shackles have the ultimate in strength-to-weight ratios and are precision engineered to near-military specificarions. We commonly use the Tylaska shackles with our custom tow bridles. T-20’s are desinged for mid to large sized vessels T-30’s are for large saliboats that need to support strong loadse T-40’s are for massive sailboats or towing and individual applications, the lanyard opening allows for remote operation, ideal for towing applications T-50’s are the largest trigger-type snap shackles ever made"

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Color Black
SizeStraightDShackleScrewPin 5/32-A, 0.15-B, 0.31-C, 0.55-D, 200lbs
StainlessSteel_Galvanized Stainless Steel
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