Eye Grab Hook

SKU A (IN) B (IN) C (IN) D (IN) WLL (LB) Price Qty Subtotal
S0453-0007 1/4 0.50 0.35 2.00 1500
S0453-0008 5/16 0.56 0.43 2.25 2000
S0453-0010 3/8 0.65 0.50 2.50 2500
S0453-0013 1/2 0.88 0.66 3.35 3600
Type 316 stainless steel, ideal for grabbing chain

Product Description

Stainless steel eye grab hooks have an eye type end that is usually attached with a splice, shackle or a tie line. Eye grab hooks can be used when you are making your own snubber for chain rodes, the jaw design snags and will keep the chain from slipping. The eye end can also attach to chain by a welded link or a connecting link. Type 316 Stainless Steel finish makes this an ideal eye grab hook for the marine environment due to its resistance to corrosion in the elements.
316 Stainless Steel & Drop Forged
WLLs are based on gradual pull, not shock loads
More Information
Color Black
SizeStraightDShackleScrewPin 5/32-A, 0.15-B, 0.31-C, 0.55-D, 200lbs
StainlessSteel_Galvanized Stainless Steel
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