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We are American Rope, manufacturers of premium rope in the USA.

We are a family owned and operated manufacturer of rope fiber and wire rope, custom lifting and boating assemblies, rigging supplies and hardware. In business since 1960 we are now the only fiber rope manufacturer in the U.S. that creates custom-color double braid and 12-strand rope.

Servicing an array of clients in the industrial, military, construction, agriculture, commercial and recreational boating communities, our products are tested under strict industry standards. We are a manufacturer & distributor of rigging products, nylon rope, stainless steel chain, stainless steel hardware, aircraft cable, dock lines, polyester rope, double braided rope, dyneema rope and manila rope. Please email us for more information.

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We think about the convenience of your choice. What’s more, you can search our site if you know exactly what you are looking for or use a bunch of different filters that will considerably save your time and efforts.

Delivery to all regions

We deliver our goods worldwide. No matter where you live, your order will be shipped in time and delivered right to your door. Packages are handled with care, so the products will be handed to you safe and sound.

The highest quality of products

We guarantee the highest quality of the products we sell. Decades of successful operation and thousands of happy customers let us feel certain about that. Everything we sell has strict quality control standards.


I just received the rope I ordered and it looks fantastic! Thank you. THAT was great service! I’ll send some pictures once I get these bad boys installed! (I realize that this little order isn’t much to you guys, but it’s a big deal to me!) Thanks again! MIKE OCONNER
Made a purchase at your store recently. The order has been shipped and delivered on time. The quality is superb! The price is quite reasonable. Told all my friends about your excellent service and the variety of choice. Guys, you rock! I wish your store many more years of prosperity. ROBERT JOHNSON
Having distressing experiences with some online shops before, I want to say ‘’THANK YOU” to all personnel of this store. You are not only friendly, but made and delivered really good colored dock lines. In a nutshell, I am absolutely happy with my purchase and the service. Everything was perfect! JESSICA PRISTON
What i liked best is selecting the configuration of the anchor rode I wanted. Nice to have seen you have stainless steel available because I usually buy galvanized but this time I tried the stainless. Very happy with the quality of the rode. Thanks!. EDNA BARTON