12-Strand Rope

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12-Strand Rope. Available in Blue. 

Customizations are possible, please call!

Product Description

Ironlite is the strongest non-rotational single braid synthetic rope, made from UHWMPE fibers. These Ropes have a specific gravity (0.98) allowing it to float without absorbing water. It is an excellent Wire Rope replacement because UHWMPE fibers have 3 times the life span of a wire rope and 15 times stronger than steel pound per pound.


  • High Tensile Strength.
  • Low Stretch.
  • UV and Wear Resistant.
  • Easy to Splice.
  • Does not kink and easy to handle.


  • Wire Rope replacement.
  • Running Rigging
  • Bridle Ropes
  • Climbing accessories
  • Pulling and Stringing Lines
  • Tow Lines
  • Winch Lines

* Weights are an average and may vary +/- 5%. ***Both ends of your rope will be sealed with a hot knife cut, ensuring the rope won't unravel.

**Call us for custom assemblies.

*** Diameter of rope is measured under load per Cordage Institute specifications, relaxed diameter is up to 10% larger that stated diameter. 

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